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During the holiday season, many people like to make charitable gifts to their favorite nonprofits. We hope that you’ll consider giving to WGB! 

As you see, WGB is growing and thriving. We’re enlarging our space to serve 50% more people and expanding staff to ensure our mission is efficient and successful. To make these growth priorities a reality, we continue to work towards our goal of raising $700,000 and we’re happy to announce that we’ve passed the $212,000 mark!

You may make your year-end gift by mailing in a check, donating online at or picking an envelope from our Giving Tree at the store.

Volunteer of the Month

Mercer Middle School

What started as a Civics assignment for a group of 8th grade middle school students has since turned into a group of young girls helping other young girls.

This group of vivacious 8th graders returned to WGB on the November Store Day to help young girls choose clothing for school. Before volunteering with WGB, these girls didn’t realize that not everyone lives the same, that not everyone has clothes for school.

Below are emails received from the girls’ Civics Teacher, and a student’s father, followed by Alexis’ Civics paper. Thank you to Mercer Middle, parents and girls for sharing your experiences and time with WGB.

“A group of our Mercer Middle school Civics students came to volunteer with WGB on October 9 from 4-6:30.  The Reflective essays they wrote to accompany their volunteer work have been really incredible to read.  I wanted to thank you for the opportunity you gave them; I have been reading that “this experience changed their lives”.

Jenna Mills
8th Grade Civics Teacher
Mercer Middle

“My name is Bruce and I spoke to you a few weeks back.  My daughter Alexis was one of the girls from Mercer Middle School that came to help sort clothing.  As we discussed, Alexis, my 8 year old daughter Claire, and I are all looking forward to helping on November 14th when the store is open.  

During our conversation you asked for a couple of quotes from Alexis about what it meant to her to help out WGB.  She just finished her civics class assignment and I figured I would send you the paper she wrote.  Thank you again for the amazing work you do and for helping Alexis get a much better appreciation for what she has in life.  I think she took a lot of it for granted before she helped out on that Friday.  Thank you.”

Bruce F.

Community Service Reflective Essay – Alexis F.

Have you ever been told no when you ask your parents for something?
Well for these women and children, they’ve been told no for their whole lives. That is until now. For my volunteer project I volunteered for an organization called Women Giving Back. This is an organization that distributes new and used clothing, shoes and accessories to women and children who have been abused and are now in need, all around Northern Virginia. Women and children all around the country are struggling to get through life, and it’s our job to do our part to fix that. We can try to solve this problem by setting up donation boxes in work areas, schools and even local supermarkets. I chose to volunteer for this organization because sometimes we don’t understand how much we truly have until it is gone, and we see people all around the world who truly have nothing. My goal for this project is to not only donate and organize clothing for women in need, but to put an end to abuse for good.

During the time I spent at Women Giving Back, I met so many inspiring people and heard so many inspiring stories. One of the women at the organization told us a story about two little girls. One of the little girls asked the owner if she sold any dresses. With an astounding yes, the owner directed the little girl towards the dress section. However the little girl told the owner that the she didn’t want the dress for herself, but she wanted one for her sister because her sister had never owned a dress before in her life. Once again, the owner asked if she would like one as well, but the little girl again told the owner that she would rather have her sister get all the dresses she could then her having one. The owner was astonished as she helped the two little girls choose the perfect dress. After hearing this amazing and inspiring story this made me realize that what I was doing was not only benefiting women and children in need, but it was also benefiting me and was changing my view on how I saw the world.

From this experience I have grown as a member of the community. I have also learned more about myself and how the world truly is, not just how I live in it. I learned that not all people live as good as we do. I am definitely going back again to support the women and children in need. This experience has been life changing and I will always cherish these moments as I pursue my life through a different perspective.

Thank You!

Thank you to all the Corporations/Groups helped us this month at the Store!

WGB Store photo

Flint Hill 7th Graders
Ernst & Young
NCL Mom’s Group
Dulles SHRM
Freddie Mac
WINN Ladies
Iron Bow Technology
American Relocation Connections/Real Living Reserve Realtors

Thank you to Visa & W.G. Coleman Elementary School for your donations!

Thank you to Lost Rhino and LoCo Brewfest for making WGB the Charity of choice at your October event!

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Toy Drive

Toy Drive - Each year WGB collects new toys to distribute on our December Store day at Santa’s Workshop. Please consider bringing a new, unwrapped toy to the store on December 9th or 11th from 4-6pm.

WGB Toy Drive

Can’t make it to the Store? WGB will also be accepting toys at the Tree Lighting at One Loudoun, 20626 Easthampton Plaza, Ashburn, on December 5th from 5-7pm.

There will also be a WGB Box for toy donations located at Smokehouse Live at 1602 Village Market Blvd SE, Leesburg , for donations during their business hours.

Santa’s Workshop

Santa's Workshop

Santa’s Workshop will be held on December 12th from 8:30-12:30pm, followed by a Volunteer Brunch. Please plan on joining us and Santa for this event and bring a pot luck dish to share!

Thank You!

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped at our October and November store days. Our shoppers are served and happy, our warehouse is cleaned and organized due to your efforts. We are glad that you have chosen to volunteer with WGB and delight in the stories of your experiences.


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Sorting Day – December 11th from 4-6pm

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