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March Store
Construction has begun in the Store! Thank you again to the Knutson Companies for the build out of our new space. We should be ready for our April Store with more room for clothing and shoppers.

There will be a great, new children’s area and designated spaces for accessories and jewelry. We have also made the switch over from winter clothing to summer in the Store. There will be lots to see and do on our April 9th Store Day!

WGB Store Construction

Cinco de Mayo
Cinco de Mayo is almost here! Be a sponsor/Buy your tickets now! Our Ribbon Cutting/Dedication will be at Cinco May 5th, 5:30pm. Come celebrate with us!

Cinco de Mayo 2016

Stories from the Store

I watched as she slowly walked through the doors today. Empty bags in hand, likely unsure as to what she would find, but seemingly eager. I introduced myself and asked how I could help. "Well..." she answered sweetly, "I've never been here. I need some shoes, some tops and maybe some pants, too." I asked about her sizes. "I'm smaller now. I used to weigh 220 pounds, but now I wear a small."

Turns out diabetes caused the weight loss. It took her eyesight, too, in one eye. Completely blind and it was quite evident. When I asked what style top she preferred, she gently grabbed her neck and replied without pause, "I need to wear turtlenecks or high collars because of all the neck scars."

She was in a "very bad relationship," so one can only assume. I did not ask. "I used to wear more revealing clothes, I like to look good, but not with all these scars on my neck. They caused me to lose my self esteem."

A gorgeous black and white long Missoni cardigan set the tone for our morning together. I had spied it within the racks and was hoping I'd find the ideal recipient. I did. She squealed as she put it on, clapping with delight, "God brought me here today, to this place."

She's been in a local women's shelter for 45 days and I sure hope she gets back on her feet. So, there, I've made another friend at WGB.

– Melissa Fox

The girls from Youth For Tomorrow shopped WGB for necessary clothing last week. Due to privacy reasons, we do not photograph the girls. Thank you to the group below who helped the girls shop and to Lauren Holt who shared her reflections in the piece below.

March Store Volunteers

Her smile lit up far brighter than anything I have ever seen. The reason for this? A simple connection. As I made casual conversation with this young girl about the styles of clothes she liked to wear, she mentioned that she was set on finding a pair of running shorts for when she runs track. I was curious if she was on a team so I asked her a bit about it and so she told me “I'm in a group home right now, but when I get back, I get to be and I'm excited to start again.” I told her that I have never been on a track team but I run with my Dad a lot - it's one of my favorite things to put my energy into. She replied, “You like to run, too?! So you like those type of shorts, too??”.

Both our faces lit up. To anyone else this would have been the simplest of conversations...we were just talking about running and shorts right? Well you see, this girl had gotten the short straw in life. I don't know her exact story, and I can't pretend to even be able to relate to what she has gone through. What I do know is that the girls who came in today in need of clothing are the victims of violence, abuse and cruelty.

This girl being one of too many. But what is important to remember, is that even though these girls have been through the unimaginable, the only difference between them, you and me, is that they just need a little bit more love, support, and connection. So at least for me, being able to have the simplest of connections, that one little moment to bring the two of us together, was priceless. And it brings to mind an amazing thought. The most precious thing in all of humanity is the ability we have to connect, feel, and share love for one another. It is the backbone of what makes us human. And I think people take for granted those little moments we share with one another. Because at the end of the day, we are all just people trying to find love and happiness in ourselves and one another.

– Lauren Holt

Successful Sorts

Thank you to these groups who donated their time help at the Store!

Northern Virginia Community College

NVCC Volunteers

NVCC Volunteers


Salesforce Volunteers

This & That

Sterling Women’s Networking Lunch

Congresswoman Barbara Comstock and our Pat Leader at the Sterling Women’s Networking Lunch.

In This Issue

Save the Date!

Kendra Scott Shopping Event

Mark your calendars for our Kendra Scott shopping event to be held on Thursday June 9th, from 5-8pm at their Reston location. 20% of your purchase will be donated to WGB. There will also be a signature WGB piece that will be available for preorder. More details to follow!

You’re Invited!

Women Giving Back invites you to a cabi Fashion Experience.

Thursday, April 14, 2016
6:30pm at Women Giving Back, 20 Export Drive, Sterling, VA


You will not want to miss getting to touch, feel, and try on cabi's gorgeous collection at our WGB upcoming cabi Fashion Experience!

And it's an opportunity to shop with abandon as a portion of the proceeds are being donated by Beth Cox, our cabi stylist, to help support the efforts of Women Giving Back. See you on the 14th. Hosted by: Pat, Terri, & Fiona

Our Buildout has Started!

Thanks to Knutson Homes, HomeAid No.VA and all the Trades!

The Knutson Companies
HomeAid Northern Virginia

Come Volunteer With Us

Would your group or company like to volunteer with us? Contact Marjie at 703-554-9386 to schedule.

Sorting Day – April 6th from 4-6pm

Sorting Day – April 8th from 4-6pm

Store Day – April 9th from 9am-12pm

Raffle Tickets


N’used and volunteers from WGB will be selling raffle tickets for the Louis Vuitton Bag at their sidewalk sale April 7th – 11-7, April 8th – 10-7, and April 9th- 10-5. Tickets are $10 and 50% of the proceeds will go to WGB!

Case Managers:

We have switched over to spring clothing and have prom dresses and accessories as well.

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