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Dignity and Respect

bag of clothing

This bag of clothing means different things to every woman that comes to shop with WGB. To some it signifies a fresh start after losing everything. To others it holds the hope of a new job. To all it signifies dignity and respect.

The volunteers that help to fill these bags also feel a range of emotions. Joy when a client says they’ve gotten the job they’ve been hoping for. Sadness after hearing a woman share her story. Love after receiving a hug from a grateful client.

Who knew that clothing could bring us together, make us stronger and help form forever bonds? Who knew that a compliment could not only make ones day but may change ones path? This is what WGB is all about.

Stories from the Store

When you meet someone special there is a moment that you know. For me, when I met a women that came into the store to pick out clothes for a special job interview, the moment I knew was when she walked through the door almost timid, realized she was in the right place and then had a huge smile on her face. Her outward looking attitude was infectious.

To then hear the struggle of a mother just trying to get back her son, to keep him safe from their abuser, made it impossible not to feel the need to help her in any way that you can. She had finally done it, she got her son back into her custody after 7 years of fighting.

While it is a heartbreaking journey that she is still dealing with, she is a fighter. The motherly love and strength that she has was something that saved both her and her son’s lives.  This woman has had the strength to fight against her abuser, for what is right for her and her son, and while she knows that this is not something that will go away, she is fighting the good fight to make a life for them. She said that knowing that the struggle for them may never leave is a heartbreaking truth.

To be able to be strong enough to handle the struggles that she has been though and look at the future in a positive and exciting light is something that is awe inspiring.  She has now landed an interview with the Department of Social Services in hopes to help others.

Meeting this woman who came to Women Giving Back to help her find clothes for the interview lead me to know my next mission was clear, I had to help make this woman feel as beautiful on the outside that she was on the inside.

The look of joy when telling her that she could choose more than just one outfit to help her with her new endeavors was something that she said had no idea on how blessed and thankful that made her feel to help her feel like a woman with a fresh start.

Meeting people that have the fight in them that make you remember why you are fighting for them is a true gift that Women Giving Back helps provide. These women are beautiful in every way and we are thankful to be here to help them show the world that they have what it takes to start new.

– Rachel Hamblen


My name is Alex Hulser and I am an ivivva maven for ivivva Tysons Corner. As an ivivva maven, I get together with a group of girls (all ivivva mavens) and plan events that will benefit our community.

I decided to do something that would benefit ourselves and the community, so I hosted a workout. I also wanted to donate to a good charity, and because ivivva is a clothing store for girls I wanted to choose a charity that benefited girls and women. That is how I found Women Giving Back!

My event took place at 9Round, a boxing fitness place. Anybody who came in with a small cash donation or a donation in women's or girls clothing could enjoy a free workout!

In total about 30 people donated and about 20 people worked out... and we estimate that we received about $2,500 worth of clothing and cash donations.

I delivered all the donations on June 12th and got to see what a wonderful organization Women Giving Back is!

I want to thank all three organizations that supported this event: ivivva, 9Round and Women Giving Back. It was a fun event that impacted our community.

– Alex Hulser


Store News

George Mason University

Each year Board members travel to GMU to share the WGB story and to get the students excited for their day of service. This year was no different, except they brought along a client to share her story.

After a WGB overview by Founder and Board President Terri Stagi, Jamie was introduced. Her story is not unlike others. Jamie was abused both physically and mentally by her ex-husband. She believed his lies to be true and still carries the scars today. Jamie told her story to 380 students who listened intently.

“Women Giving Back is place of restoration, encouragement, girlfriend chit-chat and love. A place where people have been hurt and possibly broken can get healing through hope. A place where you can make a huge difference with just a small action.

When you volunteer with WGB think of me, and all of the other women like me and know that you will be changing lives. Thank you WGB for changing mine.”


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Long & Foster

Long & Foster



In This Issue

WGB Fundraiser

Evergreen Adventure Park in Leesburg, VA is hosting a fundraiser for Women Giving Back.

20% of the proceeds will go to WGB.

Evergreen Adventure Park

Please call (703) 771-8600 for reservations.

Everyone MUST mention WGB in order to receive credit.

Evergreen Sports Complex
19623 Evergreen Mills Rd.
Leesburg, Va. 20175

Thank You!

Kendra Scott employees

Thank you to the staff at Kendra Scott for hosting such a fabulous event for WGB. Dressed in purple, they served champagne and purple cupcakes to show their support. After a wonderful evening of designing jewelry, Kendra Scott donated 20% of the proceeds to WGB totaling over $500. Thank you to everyone who shopped and showed their support!

Kendra Scott

Donate Your Old Cell Phones

Bring your inactive cell phone to WGB on any donation day. (no accessories, chargers, etc. please)

Donate your old phones!

Come Volunteer With Us

Would your group or company like to volunteer with us? Contact Marjie at 703-554-9386 to schedule.

Sorting Day – Wednesday, July 6th from 4-6pm

Sorting Day – Friday, July 8th from 4-6pm

Store Day – Saturday, July 9th from 9am-12pm

Online Registration System

WGB has a new online system for care providers to register their clients.

Case Managers: please watch your email for instructions to access the online registration system.

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