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The Benefits of Giving Back

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By Alyssa Miller/The Connection

On Friday, several dozen high school girls gathered at Great Falls Library to hear about how they could get involved in volunteer opportunities. As part of Congresswoman Barbara Comstock’s 10th Congressional District Young Women Leadership Program, these students were taught about the benefits of giving back to their communities.

A panel of guests spoke at the event, many of whom were from the organization Women Giving Back, which provides free clothing to homeless women and children in the area.

“Volunteerism really makes a difference,” said Terri Stagi, the president of the WGB executive committee. “It adds something to your life.”

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Store News

A Fond Farewell!

This summer we are losing two of our great volunteers and staff. Marjie Blassey is moving and Lauren McDonough is graduating with her Masters degree. They brought great passion and expertise to WGB and they will be sorely missed. We wish them the best in their future endeavors. I’m sure we‘ll see both of them over the years when they visit! In addition, we wish good luck to our summer intern Rachel Hamblen. We hit the jackpot with her! She will be heading back to East Carolina University. Watch for news about our staff.

School Supplies Drive

We're kicking off our school supply drive! Please consider donating new school supplies between now and our September 10th shopping day.

The smile on the kids and moms faces when they see their new backpacks, pencils and pens, notebooks, gold stars and more is priceless.

You can drop off at 20 Export Dr, Sterling, VA 20164, connect with a friend who is involved with the organization (they'll be happy to pick up!), consider hosting a drive at your office or children's summer camp or call us at (703) 554-9386 and we'll coordinate a pick up.

School Supplies Drive

September Treat

Society for Human Resource Management

At our Sept. Store SHRM will be setting up a resume writing station. Clients are being instructed to bring their current resume with them and SHRM will work with them to make it professional and current. We can’t thank them enough for bringing this service to our clients!

Supervisor Phyllis Randall visits the WGB Store

Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Chair Phyllis Randall, toured the new WGB Facility. It’s great to have the support of our representatives!

Supervisor Phyllis Randall

Stories from the Store

Dear WGB Staff and Volunteers,

I know my note is late, but honestly I hate to look back at the humbling and difficult times I have been through. But it would be completely wrong of my not to say what WGB meant to me then and now.

One day, and hopefully sooner than later my children and I will be able to do what you do for families who need and have nothing or so little. I can’t tell you in this short message how much I appreciate and value what WGB provided to me and my daughter.

Being homeless its still hard to keep up with items even when you try hard to hold on to them, they some how disappear or you feel moved to share with another mom who needs it for herself. What I want you to know is the fact that someone cared enough to share with us, nice things, beautiful pieces and needed items just to look and feel normal.

My daughter found a purse when we came to WGB this winter and I tell you everyday and everywhere she carries that purse. It means so much to her and I am thankful that she found it on that awesome day. When I was there the volunteers were beyond kind and helpful. I have never experienced boutique shopping but if its like the experience I had at WGB, its truly amazing. Embarrassed to say but I don’t think I have ever received that much attention ever in my life (outside of kids). I didn’t know how to react except I cried and I felt a sense of gratitude and awesome for the entire week.

In summary, WGB impacted my life for the better. Even though I am not with all my garments and accessories because of constant moving about, I can’t ever lose the feeling and WOW moment I had with WGB. Thank you from the depths of my heart.

WGB Staff and Volunteers are blessings from above and I pray that God will continue to keep you all lifted.

Again, thank you.

– Respectfully, Monica

Volunteer Drives

Thanks to the GMU Women in Business who collected more than 175 items for our clients…many of which are already distributed.

GMU Women in Business

Surfing Sisters

Thanks to Surfing Sisters (and Waffles the dog!), for supporting Women Giving Back - here is what will be delivered later this month!

Underwear: 162 pair
Bras: 107
Pantyhose: 24 pair
Knee Highs: 80 pairs
Camisoles: 6

These items will go a long way in making a difference in many women's lives. Thank you for participating!

RSM accounting firm is our newest corporate donor. Their star conference of women leaders contributed clothing.

RSM Accounting Firm

Successful Sorts

Vienna Presbyterian Church

A group of campers at Vienna Presbyterian Church Bible school came to help sort clothes and to get more involved with community service. They had a great time setting up the store and sorting clothes!

Vienna Presbyterian Church

The Ladies of ABW


We had a successful evening with the Ladies of ABW.

We sorted, sized, and hung up lots of clothes for the next round of Women Giving Back shoppers.

Thank You!
Vornado Realty Trust

Thank you Vornado Realty Trust for your donation of a large stack of bins. We are always grateful.

You have no idea how far items like these go!

Thank you to N'Used for your check donation of $1,371.

“An attitude of gratitude brings great things.” ― Yogi Bhajan


In This Issue

WGB Fundraiser

A fun to-do in Arlington, Virginia! Come out for a night of networking, fashion, fun, and entertainment as Warner & Company raise funds for Women Giving Back!

When: Thursday, August 11th from 6-10pm

Where: Arlington Arts Center - 3550 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA

Warner & Co.

“Our goal is to offer products of the highest quality at modest prices, so that every woman has the opportunity to look her best every time she steps out her front door. We feel strongly about this, after all, it's a labor of love.”

– John Warner,
President and CEO

Save the Date!

Fashion NOVA Event

Saturday, September 17th
Fashion NoVA event at Fairfax Corner to benefit WGB. Watch for more details!

Donate Your Old Cell Phones

Bring your inactive cell phone to WGB on any donation day. (no accessories, chargers, etc. please)

Donate your old phones!

Come Volunteer With Us

Would your group or company like to volunteer with us? Contact us at (703) 554-9386 to schedule.

Teen Store Day –  Thursday, August 4th from 12:30-3:30pm

Teen Store Day –  Sunday, August 7th from 9:30am-12:30pm

Sorting Day – Wednesday, August 10th from 4-6pm

Sorting Day – Friday, August 12th from 4-6pm

Store Day – Friday, August 12th from 6-8:30pm

Store Day – Saturday, August 13th from 8:30am-12:30pm

Attention Case Managers

We at WGB are trying some new ideas for our store days in the month of August and we are excited about it! First we will have two dates that are devoted to teens. On Thursday, August 4 we will open our doors to teens for shopping at 1 until 3 and then again on Sunday August 7 from 10am - noon. This is a special time for some of our teen clients to come shop with us in a very special way that they don't always have. We have the store set up with loads of teen clothing, but know that some of our terrific items in the women's section will be perfect too.

We are also trying out a Friday evening shopping experience for those clients who find it difficult to get to the store on Saturday. From 6 - 8pm on August 12th with the help of Orchard NCL, we will be hosting a store opportunity.

Look forward to more changes in our store hours as we continue to experiment to better meet our clients’ needs.

Please register your clients by email and indicate which day they want to come.

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