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WGB was blessed with warm weather, smiling children, happy shoppers and eager volunteers for our Santa’s Workshop last Saturday. After the mom’s finished their shopping, our Christmas Elves walked their children through Santa’s Workshop where they could choose their toys and have their picture taken with Santa.

This day wouldn’t’ be possible without the kind donations of the corporations and individuals who donated toys and gifts.

KB Homes
National Cooperative Bank
K Hovnanian Homes
Van Metre Companies
Custom Builders Council
Smokehouse Live
J Ayers and Associates
One Loudoun
Monarch Bank
Amber Campbell – Mary Kay
Be a Gift
Rob & Leslie Strittmatter
City Hills Church
Mary Fran VanWinter

And to those who came with a toy in their hand, or took the time to drive over to make a toy donation – thank you!
This is Christmas.

Client Spotlight

On Corporate Sort Days, I like to try to have a client stop by to shop, so that the volunteers from the corporation can see why we value their time and how it impacts our clients. The pairing of corporation and client isn’t always possible, but last week it was and it was magical.

Vera needed to get some clothing for an upcoming job fair and Unanet, a human resource company had sent 20 volunteers for their day of service. After coordinating with Vera several times on the phone, I expected a bubbly, energetic and positive woman to enter. Vera entered the store completely oppositely of what I had expected. She looked downtrodden and heavy hearted. I greeted her with a hug, and asked her if she could tell me a little bit about herself before we picked out her clothing.

Vera apologized and through her tears said she really couldn’t talk. I gently told her that I couldn’t help her if she didn’t tell me what was wrong and, truthfully, I may not be able to help her at all, but talking was the first step. As we held hands she started speaking, “I’m fine “she said, “It is my daughter. She was notified that there was a $500 lapse in a school grant that needs to paid this week. She is to graduate in May and cannot return for the next semester unless the $500 is paid.” “Okay” I said. “I know that was hard, but thank you for telling me. So what happens next semester?” “Next semester is paid for she has a full scholarship. I need to pull myself together and get some clothing for the job fair.” We hugged, wiped away her tears, and started to putting outfits together.

There was a Unanet volunteer next to me during this exchange who looked at me with tears in her eyes. I said “No little girl will be denied a college education for $500.” At that, we began collecting money from all the volunteers in the building. Within 20 minutes, we had collected $525.00.

As the Unanet employees gathered around, Vera came out in the outfit that she had chosen to wear for the job fair. I told her that good things happen to good people and handed her the $525 in cash.

Vera’s cry came from a place that I have never heard before. It was powerful enough to bring us all to tears. And just when we thought it couldn’t get more emotional, Vera’s daughter face timed in. “Baby girl, because of these nice people, you are going to graduate from college” cried Vera. Vera’s daughter screamed, “Mama, Mama I’m going to graduate college!”

To say we rejoiced is an understatement. Vera sent me a text a day later to let me know that she contacted financial aid and her account was paid in full. Knowing her current situation, the financial aid office rejoiced almost as much as we did.

Thank You!

Thank you to all the Corporations/Groups helped us this month at the Store!

WGB Store photo

NCL Moms
Arlington Church of Christ
Miller and Smith

And thanks to these groups who collected for us!

Faith Botteger
Rob & Vicki Frye
Cameron Fox
Arlington Kicks
ECU Communications

As 2015 comes to a close, please consider a donation to fund our expansion. There were over 750 women and children that came to us in December in need and there are many more we could reach. To join our team, click here to donate.


In This Issue

Homeless Women Veterans

Homeless Women Veterans

Each quarter WGB, Easter Seals and M&T Bank host the Homeless Women Veterans to let them find the clothing they need to reenter the civilian workforce and get on their feet. These women put their lives at risk for us and it gives us great pleasure to help them. RMA donated bus transportation and we had about 15 women attend. It’s the events like this that make us smile!

Thank You!

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped at our store days. Our shoppers are served and happy, our warehouse is cleaned and organized due to your efforts. We are glad that you have chosen to volunteer with WGB and delight in the stories of your experiences.


Come Volunteer With Us

Would your group or company like to volunteer with us? Contact Marjie at 703-554-9386 to schedule.

Sorting Day – January 6th from 4-6pm

Sorting Day – January 8th from 4-6pm

Store Day – January 9th from 9am-12pm

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