Women Giving Back

Over the course of 2016, your donations to Women Giving Back changed lives in profound ways.

Meet Brenda, who personally benefited from your kindness.

After leaving her job to care for her special needs son, she and her family watched their life fall apart around them. They lost everything – their home, their car, their worldly possessions. Your donations clothed them and helped give them their dignity back. Today they are living on their own and Brenda has a new job – though she still finds time to volunteer at Women Giving Back.

The funds you generously gave helped Women Give Back flourish in 2016 as well.

In May, we opened an expanded store with 40 percent more space. By adding more shifts and staying open longer, we were able to increase the number of clients at our shop by 50 percent. And we hired our first full-time operations manager, Nicole Morris, who has helped implement these important initiatives and much, much more.

Looking onward to 2017, there are still so many lives to profoundly change – so your help is urgently needed.

Many clients walk into Women Giving Back with nothing. Escaping domestic violence and toxic living situations, they are doing everything they can to care for their children, take their lives in a positive new direction, find gainful employment, and locate permanent housing.

The money you donate clothes them, gives them professional attire for job interviews, bolsters their self-esteem, and lights up their hopes for the future.

Brenda and her family can attest to how big an impact your previous contribution had on their lives. Please consider giving again, so you can help others in need.

No donation is too small when it comes from a big heart.

It’s time to plan for 2017 and we hope you will continue to be an integral part of Women Giving Back!

Remember… our clients come to us with nothing.

Many are escaping domestic violence and they have escaped with their children with only the clothes on their back. Won’t you help us try and normalize their lives and provide dignity to them. Children deserve to go to school clothed to fit in so their classmates are unaware of their situation.

If you would ever like more information about the work being done at Women Giving Back or how you can help, we are always happy to meet with you in person or have a phone conversation.

Thank you for your consideration!